Functional caracteristics :
The SICOVIS COMBI is specially designed to treat roads, highways, storage areas.

It allows you to spread separately or simultaneously de-icing fluids and solids.

With its multiple possibilities of work, it fights effectively against the ice in all situations. It allows you to treat roads in temperatures below -6 ° with its liquid product for preventive work such as working with wetted salt for curative work.

Application of the brine is achieved by ramps dispersions with adjustable nozzles. It can be spread on 3-way or 3m50 depending on each floor to deal with a dosage ranging from 10 to 60 g/m2, speed-sensitive. The distribution of the salt is moistened by a spreading disc over a width of up to 12 m. All actions are controlled from the cab Cde box with color display.

This machine allows you to save salt throughout the winter and reduces the impact on the environment

Technical caracteristics :

Dosage speed-sensitive        10 - 60 g/m2
Liquid tank capacity                  5000 l
Hopper capacity of salt              5 m3
Liquid spreading width              10.50 m
Width of salting                        12 m

Our machines are made of 316L stainless steel to spread all kinds of de-icing....
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The SICOVIS COMBI is specially designed to treat roads, highways, storage...
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